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With the start of a new year, we wanted to provide you with an update on Strayer Universitys commencement ceremonies. Following best practices and health protocols for social distancing and large gatherings, we have made the decision not to host an in-person commencement event prior to June 30, 2021. Decisions to host an in-person commencement later this year will be announced as soon as its available. We will hold two virtual ceremonies one in May 2021 and one in December 2021. Information for the May virtual commencement ceremony is available below.

Strayer University will continue to closely monitor the latest COVID-19 guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as state and local public health protocols. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments and hosting in-person commencement ceremonies as soon as it is safe to do so. When it is safe to schedule and host an in-person commencement, eligible graduates will be notified via email at least 12 weeks before the event. Official announcements and updates on virtual and in-person events will continue to be made on this commencement website.

If you have specific questions about commencement or your eligibility to participate in a ceremony, please contact

For more information on JWMI 2021 graduation, please


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May 2021 Virtual Commencement Online 10.00 AM

Registration & Photo Upload Deadline : Friday, April 16, 2021

Registration will open for the next commencement ceremony as soon as information is available.


Order your cap and gown online

  • Graduates participating in an in-person ceremony are required to wear a cap and gown during the ceremony.
  • Graduates participating in virtual commencement arerequired to purchase a cap and gown.


Suddenly Dick gripped his arm.Associate (black gown, black cap & tassel) - $38.00
Bachelor's (cap, gown, tassel & stole of gratitude) - $56.00
Master's (cap, gown, tassel & hood) - $57.00

*Prices above do not include shipping fees and sales tax.

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Sandy repeated the gesture after attracting Larrys attention by a slight shaking of the dual-control rudder which was still attached, but which, on any other occasion, he had been careful not to touch. *If you already purchased your cap and gown for a 2020 in-person commencement ceremony that was cancelled, you may wear it to a future ceremony. If you are participating in virtual commencement, then we encourage you to wear it for a photo that you can upload to your registration, which will be shown during virtual commencement. If youd like to return your cap and gown, please contact Jostens directly at 1-800-854-7464. Full refunds will be given for unopened packages.


You recall what you thought was part of a word?If you do not order your cap and gown online by the deadline noted, you can still order online by choosing the "Student Not Attending" option. Please be advised that Jostens requires a 5-week lead time for shipping. For in-person ceremonies, you also have the option to purchase the day of the ceremony in the graduate area when doors open. Late fees will be incurred.

Its safe to go and see. If Mr. Whiteside is on the estate it will look as though we came out extra early. Besides, Im hungrier than Little Red Riding Hoods wolf. Come on! Larry led the way from the golf course as he spoke. For all questions related to caps and gowns, please contact Jostens directly at 1-800-854-7464.